Graber Backhoe, Inc

Graber Backhoe, Inc

Our services are available to handle your excavating, pipeline services, tree removal, demolition, concrete removal needs. We offer free estimates with no obligation. Please contact us for service or to answer job related questions.

For emergencies, we are available 24/7 at this number: 316-772-1223. 

Long Reach Equipment

(Formerly owned by M & M Excavating)

At Graber Backhoe, Inc we have special Long Reach Excavators available to clean your pond, lagoons or cattle holes. 

Spring cleaning of your pond, will help remove the debris accumulated over the winter. Spring cleaning may also help reduce diseases and parasites that often occur as the pond and its biology warms up for the summer, as well as reduce the overall availability of nutrients that stimulate algae growth.

Cleaning out your pond in the fall, reduces the chance for wastes in the bottom of the pond to turn anaerobic. This can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which may decompose, releasing ammonia and other dangerous chemicals that can be trapped under the ice.